Mold Remediation Certification Course

Mold Remediation Certification Course Course

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What you will learn...
  • How to make a preliminary determination for remediation procedures
  • How to calculate costs (estimating)
  • How to contract labor
  • How to determine the scope of a mold remediation project
  • How to develop a 5-step plan for remediation
  • How to properly document the remediation project and track environmental conditions
  • How to prevent contamination problems and follow remediation protocols
  • How to create negative air pressure differentials with HEPA filter vacuum
  • How to remove contaminated materials
  • How to perform structural remediation (contamination prevention)
  1. Fungal Ecology
  2. Health Effects
  3. Principles
  4. Procedures
  5. Limitations
  6. NAMRI Mold Inspector Society ApprovedDeterminations
  7. Structural Remediation
  8. Contents Remediation
  9. Tools and Equipment
  10. Safety and Health
  11. Indoor Assessments
  12. Certification Authorities
  13. Respiratory Protection

PMII  IICRC Approved for Continuing Education  ACAC Registered Course  NAMRI Mold Inspector Society Approved
PMII Certified 
IICRC Approved for Continuing Education
ACAC Registered Course
NAMRI Approved

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Mold Remediation Certification Course $249.00

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