Starting a Mold Business

I am interested in starting a full service mold assessment and mold remediation business. With your products and course material how much will I need. I understand the inspection and sampling equipment costs about $500 and the course work will cost about $500. What will I need for remediation and How much will this cost? Does the sampling course cover complete identification procedures including growing cultures and microscopic work?

Any remediation equipment you need beyond the $500 mark would vary a little bit depending on what types of jobs you'll be doing. Generally you can expect to spend an additional $500 - $2000 on equipment during the first years of getting setup.

The course doesn't go into microscopy or growing mold cultures. This is a little more than what a mold assessment or mold inspection normally includes. Typically, a mold inspector will take a sample (swab, tape sample, bulk sample, or air sample) and then send the mold sample off to a lab. The lab actually does sometimes grow a culture with the mold to identify but other times, if the structure of the mold is preserved, it can be visually identified by the lab technicians.

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DENIS burgos:
01-19-2021 7:41pm

I\'m going to star business at this year.
Leonard R Pignatello:
10-24-2013 7:52pm

I am planning on starting a business in a couple months